The Case Studies are
based on details as
narrated by the acid
burn survivors.
Success Stories 

The Case Studies are based on details as narrated by the acid burn survivors. As such Depilex Smileagain Foundation is not accountable for the credibility of the incidents

Sakina  Babo

Sakina Babo belongs to Karachi, Pakistan. She is 28 years old married woman. It was 2014, when she was cooking food in the kitchen. She was unaware that Sui gas pipe was leaking. As gas pressure increased, all of a sudden her clothes caught fire. Her neck, arms, and hands were burnt badly. She registered with DSF in September 2015. She has undergone multiple surgeries. Last Week DSF in collaboration with Novartis Pharma (Pakistan) LTD, sponsored the educational expenses foe her Children. May God Bless them all and they will get success in their life.

Niaz  Bano

Niaz bano who was a widow got a second marriage with a mentally ill person. She had a daughter from her first Husband. She planned her daughters marriage but her second husband told her to refuse because he had bad intentions for his step daughter. Marriage proposal was good therefore she finally arranged her daughter’s marriage without her husband consent. One night her husband woke her up and apologized for his behavior and insisted her to take a cup of tea with him. He made tea and mixed acid in it. He poured the cup on her. He had a bottle of acid which he also threw on her. As a consequence Niaz lost her eye and her face was severely burnt. She registered with DSF and underwent multiple surgeries. By the grace of God, Last Week DSF in collaboration with Novartis Pharma (Pakistan) LTD, has set up a small grocery shop in her house. Now she is happily earning for her family. After a long struggling period she learns Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions. May Allah bless her and prosperous her business ...... Ameen!

Anum Shahzadi  (Gujranwala)

Kanwal Qayyum (Karachi)

Shameem Akhtar (Jhang)

Chand  Kanwal

Shehnaz Kausar

Kanwal Ashar

A beautiful young girl Kanwal was happily working in the beauty parlour which her mother established within the house premises in Karachi. She had big dreams and was aspiring to be a model. A young boy got interested in her and started chasing and teasing her. She showed no interest and at times even snubbed him. One fatal day, at the door nock, she opened the door expecting a client. Instead there was the boy with a bottle of acid in his pocket. In a second he threw the liquid on her face causing immediate damage. Her face and eyes were so swollen that for many months she could not open her eyes and remained unconscious in the hospital. Eventually her family got in touch with DSF. A series of surgeries were arranged and by the grace of Allah she recovered. She took advance beauty course in vocational training from Depilex Training Institute Karachi where she learnt hair cutting and styling. Happines knocked at her door after a long period of pain and miseries. Kanwal yousaf is now happily married to Ashar, who proposed her in Pehchan Ramzan program. Geo TV was kind enough to make all the arrangements for her marriage. She is happily living with her children.

Sabira  Sultana

Sabra Sultana, a young girl of 27, is a resident of Jehlum. She was registered with DSF in 2005 as a brave survivor of the Brutal assault. Sabra with the help and support of DSF has not only gone through 31 surgical procedures but also has very efficiently assumed the responsibilities as a patient coordinator in Rawalpindi since 2006. She is working selflessly and is an emblem of hope and courage for the unfortunate victims of violence. Sabra still recalls her youthful and vibrant days of her life. She was married at a young age of 14 to a person much older to her age. Sabra was young and beautiful. Her spouse being illiterate and having very ordinary personality developed a complex which soon turned into suspicion and distrust. The initial torture was limited to demands from her family for more money and Dowry and later on transformed into beatings and physical abuse. She was forcefully disconnected with her friends, family and neighborhood. On one unfortunate morning in spite of the permission granted to her to visit her family, she was inhumanly dragged back to her home, locked in the room and burnt with kerosene oil. Sabra was pregnant with a child, which was lost in this heartless and merciless act. Her face was badly burnt and body scared. After lengthy procedure of 31 surgeries she did not give up hope. She is now on her way to illuminate others life.

Mamoona  Abdul Ghaffar

Mamoona was a brilliant student with high ambitions. She wanted to touch the sky. She was in 8th class when the dark clouds started wondering on her life. An incident caused Mamoona to suffer in the most awful way. Mamoona’s brother had a fight with the community boys. After a few days on 14th August night Mamoona went with her brother to buy bounties and flag of Pakistan from the local market. The community boys were waiting on the way with a bottle of acid. As she turned, one boy took out the bottle and threw the liquid on her face. Her face, neck and arms were affected and one eye was lost. She got registered with DSF in 2012 and after having undergone a series of checkup and surgeries is now much recovered. Along with medical treatment DSF has also supported her to complete her studies. She has passed the matriculation examination and has also completed a computer course. DSF has further arranged her placement in Indus Hospital Karachi to become a qualified nurse. She has recently passed nursing course. She wants to serve her duties with love and care because she understands the pain and the suffering of the patients as she has experienced the same in the past.

Aasiya Bibi

Aasiya is a 35 years old lady who lives in Lahore. Her story starts a few years ago when she was a maid and worked in different houses to support her family financially. Her family married her without her consent. After getting marriage she had many quarrels with her husband because he was used to beat and abuse her regularly. He also wanted to do a second marriage and kept on asking her for permission but she always refused. One day they both were fighting with each other and all of a sudden her husband threw kerosene oil on her and lit her on fire. Her chin, neck, and hands were severely burnt. She was registered with DSF 2009, since then she had undergone 4 operations from CMH Lahore. She got her medical treatment completed. DSF also provided her beautician and stitching training. Currently, she stitches the ladies clothes and provides beauty services to the women’s at her home. She is a remarkable example for the other victims.

Bushra Shafi

Bushra Shafi is 48 years old woman. When she got married, she had to face social taunts from her in-laws for not bringing enough dowries. Her husband including in-laws demanded money from her. It was impossible for her to fulfill their demands because she belonged to a poor family. One day at her refusal her husband got furious. He split kerosene oil and lit her on fire. After that, he pulled out her tongue and threw acid on it. It was so painful moment for her. She went to the nearest hospital for the emergency services. Since then, she has undergone more than 50 surgeries. The surgeries were extremely painful for Bushra. The surgeries also had many adverse effects on Bushra’s health. She registered with Dexpilex smileagain Foundation (DSF) in 2005. Masarrat Misbah welcomed Bushra with warmth and arranged for her surgery. Bushra has completed free of cost beautician course from Depilex and now works at Depilex as an employee. She also stitches ladies clothes at her home.

Naureen Jabbar

Naureen Jabbar is 32 years old woman having 3 children. She was living happily with her family. Her husband worked in Malaysia and earned good. But her life took twisted turn and all her happiness started fading when his job contract ended, he came back to his hometown Pakistan. He was unemployed and did not try to find a new job in Pakistan to fulfill his wife and children’s basic needs. When Naureen insisted him to work and earn, he beat her, and quarrelsome between them ended at divorce. After 3 months of divorce Naureen was on the way to school to drop her children. Suddenly her husband came into her way, and threw acid on her. Her face was burnt severely and her left eye was damaged permanently. She registered with Depilex smileagain Foundation in 2014. Since then, she has undergone with 3 surgeries. Depilex smileagain Foundation provided her free of cost beautician training. Recently, she completed her training.

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