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The Case Studies are based on details as narrated by the acid burn survivors. As such Depilex Smileagain Foundation is not accountable for the credibility of the incidents

Team DSF takes pride in sharing success stories of the brave survivors who are associated with us. Under shelter of Depilex Smileagain Foundation they have undergone series of surgeries, many have received vocational training and are respectfully employed. Some of them got married and are leading a happy life of .
Anum Shahzadi (Gujranwala)

Acid Attack Survivor on road to recovery in Depilex Smileagain  Acid Attack Survivor on road to recovery in Depilex Smileagain  Acid Attack Survivor on road to recovery in Depilex Smileagain  
Anum Shahzadi had just turned 17 –Belonging to an average family she was happily living in Gujranwala She attended Jamia Institute to become hafiza quran. A boy from the neighborhood proposed for her sister hand in marriage. The parents refused the proposal considering as unsuitable for their. The boy became revengeful towards the family. On the morning of 17 March 2011, on her way back from school with her father. That boy was standing in front of her house with a bottle of acid and a pistol and threw acid on her, damaging left side of her face, arms and legs. Then he fired a number of gun shots and ran away. She was rushed to the hospital to receive initial treatment. The hospital nurse referred her to Depilex Smileagain.

Masarrat Misbah welcomed her in her usual smiling way and assured all support. “I felt so good and reassured after meeting madam Masarrat. DSF arranged a series of surgeries for me and gradually I am coming back in shape. For my rehabilitation I was provided shelter and offered a training course to become a beautician and appeared for my exams as private candidate. I am presently working with Depilex beauty parlor. Someday I hope to return back to my home town Gujranwala and open my own beauty parlor”.

Anam is now full of hope and determined to build a promising future for herself. Along with her plans to open her own beauty parlor, she intends to pursue her studies as well, climbing the ladder to a master degree. DSF is supporting her to pursue her studies.
In the meantime a suitable proposal offered her hand in marriage. DSF made all arrangements for her wedding. Anum is now happily married

Acid Attack Survivor on road to recovery in Depilex Smileagain  Acid Attack Survivor on road to recovery in Depilex Smileagain  

Kanwal Yousuf (Karachi)
depilex smileagain acid survivor success story  depilex smileagain acid survivor success story  depilex smileagain acid survivor success story
kanway yousaf gets married depilex smileagain depilex smileagain kanwal yousaf gets married depilex smileagain kanwal
A beautiful young girl Kanwal was happily working in the beauty parlour in Karachi which her mother had established within the house premises. She had big dreams and was aspiring to be a model. A young boy got interested in her and started chasing and teasing her. She showed no interest and at times even snubbed him. One fatal day, at the door nock she peeped out of the door expecting a client. Instead there was the boy with a bottle of acid in his pocket. In a second he threw the liquid on her face causing immediate damage. Fortunately, her eyesight and eyes were saved. But her face and eyes were so swollen that for many months she could not open her eyes and remained unconscious in the hospital. Eventually her family got in touch with DSF. A series of surgeries were arranged and by the grace of God she has recovered. She is now taking advance beauty courses in vocational training from Depilex Smileagain Karachi. Kanwal yousaf is now happily married to Ashar, the boy from Karachi who proposed her in Pehchan Ramzan program. Geo TV was kind enough to make all the arrangements for her marriage. 
Tahira Basheer (Karachi)

depilex smileagain acid survivor success story  depilex smileagain acid survivor success story  depilex smileagain acid survivor success story
Tahira worked in a factory where one of her colleagues took a fancy for her and asked her to marry him. Tahira did not like the boy and refused his proposal. Her refusal infuriated the boy to the extent that he threw acid on Tahira severely damaging her face, one eye, hand and arm. Depilex Smileagain took up the responsibility of her treatment and arranged the required series of surgeries. Later  she was also given the training of beautician course by Depilex Beauty Institute. Today Tahira works as a beautician from her home (DSF funded program) and is still under treatment.
Sabira Sultana (Jehlum) 

depilex smileagain acid survivor success story  depilex smileagain acid survivor success story  depilex smileagain acid survivor success story 

Sabra Sultana, a young girl of 27, is a resident of Jehlum and is with DSF for thelast 6 years as brave survivor of this Brutal assault. Sabra with the help and support of DSF has not only gone through 30 surgical procedures, and has very efficiently assumed the responsibilities as a patient coordinator. She is working day and night and is a emblem of hope, courage for the unfortunate victims of violence Sabra still recalls her youthful and vibrant days of her life. She was married at an age of 14 to a person much older to her age. Her spouse being illiterate and having very ordinary personality could not stand Sabra young age and loveliness and developed jealously with her aptitude, attractiveness and charm. He developed feelings of sheer suspicion and distrust over a period of time. The initial torture was limited to demands from her family for more money and Dowry and later on transformed into beatings and physical abuse. She was forcefully disconnected with her friends, family and neighbourhood. And on one unfortunate morning besides the permission being granted to her to visit her family, she was inhumanly dragged back to her home, locked in the room and burnt with kerosene oil. Sabra was pregnant with a child, which was lost in this heartless and merciless act along with her youth, beauty and vibrance. After lengthy procedure of 30 very expensive surgeries, Sabra is still an emblem of misfortune and adversity.
Kanwal Qayyum (Karachi)

depilex smileagain acid survivor success story depilex smileagain acid survivor success story depilex smileagain acid survivor success story
The fault of the dreamy eyed Kanwal Qayyum was that she was an essential dreamer; she dreamed of earning a better future for herself, her children and her family; and to materialize this dream, she worked hard, studying as well as getting training as an air hostess besides shouldering the onerous responsibilities of being a housewife and a diligent mother. She had almost stepped onto the hem of her cherished dream, but it was not to be so. The night before she was to join an Airline service, her husband mercilessly threw acids on her, making sure to mar those lovely eyes which had treasured the golden dream of a better tomorrow.Instead of joining in the Airline, she was forced to report to DSF where she has undergone a number of reconstructive surgeries over a period of three years, restoring her bare essentials. She was also assisted in taking a number of beautician courses from Depilex; the psychological treatment also gave her a new will to live and face life once again. Though not fully recovered, Kanwal still awaits more surgeries, and a chance to materialize her cherished dream. For she has learnt not to give up; either on life or her dreams."The evil act did not just mutilate my body; it marred my soul and shattered my dreams too. Now courtesy DSF, I am beginning to breathe again, dream again; Life is precious; and the true meanings of this has been taught to me by the very compassionate can I ever thank them enough"
Shameem Akhtar (Jhang)

depilex smileagain acid survivor success story  depilex smileagain acid survivor success story
How do you tell a bare seventeen years old young girl that you have lost half of your body organs, including one eye, for life? Life was a happy cheerful affair for Shamim, like it is, and should be to any seventeen years old, full of promises and hopes and dreams for the days to come. Yes, for some days she had been harassed by a group of young boys hovering around her house; she had told them off a number of times and thought they would leave her alone eventually; but she could neither know that they had taken her rebuff as an insult nor could she imagine what was to follow. On that fateful day as she was walking back to her house, she was kidnapped by this unruly gang who not only brutally raped her, but when they threw her outside her home, their leader stepped forward and elaborately threw acid all over the almost unconscious Shamim who did not have the strength left in her to fight back or even run away..."I know I have survived the worst of it all,but I think for as long as I live, I will not be able to forget the look that boy had as he threw acid on me; it was a strange barbaric look, a self satisfactory, taunting look; as if telling me,see, I have got what I wanted!" Shamim still shivers and sobs when she recounts the moment that so fatefully changed her life forever..Today after eight years, a series of reconstructive surgery and psychiatric therapy, Shamim has been pulled back to life eventually and works as a proficient and dedicated worker in Depilex. Happily married off and recently becoming a mother of a lovely daughter, Shamim feels she has been re born. The trauma really devastated my body and soul, but I thank my Allah for giving me a totally new life once again; and after the addition of a loving husband and wonderful baby of my very own, I have nothing much to ask really.
Mamoona (Karachi)

depilex smileagain acid survivor success story  depilex smileagain acid survivor success story
Mamoona’s brother had a fight with the community boys. After a few days on 14th August night Mamoona went with her brother to buy small display flags of Pakistan from the local market. As they were standing by the vendor choosing flags, the boys saw her. Her brother told her to run away. As she turned, one boy took out a bottle of acid and threw the liquid on her face. Her face, neck and arms were affected and one eye was lost. She has under gone a series of surgeries and checkups and is much recovered. She was a student of class 8 when the sad incident occurred. DSF helped her to complete her studies. She has passed the matriculation examination and has also completed a computer course. DSF has further arranged her placement in Indus Hospital Karachi where she is presently studying to become a qualified nurse.
Rubina Noor (Karachi)
Having a humble background, Rubina Noor belongs to a Bengali immigrant family settled in Karachi. Her father is an ‘Imam’ in the local community mosque. Following the traditions she was married to a local boy at an early age. The husband turned out to be a greedy fellow and continued with never ending dowry demands. When his wishes were not complied with, he decided to remarry and have another wife. When Rubina retaliated he threw kerosene oil on her and the flame of match box gave rise to her heart breaking screams. Her face and body were badly burnt.
rubina rustam before marriage in depilex smileagain Rubina after surgery in Depilex Smileagain
  After receiving initial treatment she was registered with Depilex Smileagain Foundation in 2009. Since then she has undergone many surgeries on her face and body. Following its holistic approach DSF remains in touch with its family of patients and follows through till they are settled as normal beings in the social main stream. Nine (9) girls after being fully treated have been married, have become mothers and are leading happy family lives. Rubina has joined as the lucky tenth. This is how it happened; Rubina is enrolled with Depilex Beauty Institute Karachi and is completing a training course to become a qualified beautician. We happily share that in the meantime a boy from her community got sympathetic with her and proposed to marry. DSF took the news with happiness and with the consent of the two families arranged the engagement. Few months after the engagement, DSF planned the wedding ceremony in collaboration with Geo TV. In fact the ceremonies were held in the studios of the participating TV channel telecasting the events live in the popular and internationally vied morning show hosted by Shaista Lodhi. Bride groom Rustam and bride Rubina enjoyed a memorable wedding with a series of entertaining and traditional events including, ‘mehndi’, ‘maayun’, ‘rukhsati’ and ‘walima’. During the 10 day long celebrations, the couple received gifts from the viewers. Many celebrities including singers, models, TV artists visited the show to congratulate the happy couple. DSF goodwill ambassador, Hina Dilpazir in her appearance appreciated the efforts of Masarrat Misbah and highlighted that after personally visiting the DSF office and shelter home, she decided to serve as DSF supporter and goodwill ambassador. The entertaining week served as advocacy for the projection of the cause of women’s rights as well as build hope and confidence of the suffering families.


DSF has rented a small house for the couple. Rustam works in a factory and Rubina is about to complete her beauty course. DSF is making arrangements for her employment with Depilex Beauty Clinic in Karachi. Hopefully the couple will live a happy life in the main stream of society - fulfilling the mission of DSF.

Happy couple with Masarrat  Misbah

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Success Stories

The Case Studies are based on details as narrated by the acid burn survivors. As such Depilex Smileagain Foundation is not accountable for the credibility of the incidents

Team DSF

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