AGAHI Award – Beyond 2015

DSF was nominated and conferred with AGAHI Award – Beyond 2015 for exemplary contributions in promoting Women Empowerment. The consistent advocacy campaign against domestic violence and networking with civil societies and government in creating social awareness to eradicate domestic violence was highly commended. Agahi Awards for the first time in Pakistan have launched a pilot phase for initiatives improving the quality of life of ordinary citizenry in the country. The objective is to appreciate quality development projects by not-for-profit organizations or social entrepreneurs working in different sectors. The purpose is to develop and…continue reading →

Spanish Medical Team Treated Acid Burn Victims

A four member team of medical professionals visited Pakistan to help Acid burn victims registered with Depilex Smileagain Foundation (DSF). The team comprises Dr Sonia Pp Pena (plastic surgeon), Julio Morillo (plastic surgeon), Rafael Galo (anesthetist) and Lourdes Mariaz (interpreter). An event was held in DSF head office Lahore on 2nd April 2015. DSF invited 100 guests designers, civil society representatives and politicians joined in to assure their commitment to the victims of violence. The victims and their families also joined. The singers entertained and the artists mingled with the victims to please them…continue reading →

Women Empowerment and Leadership

COMSAT Institute of Information Technology organized a workshop on Women Empowerment and Leadership. Masarrat Misbah and Ayesha Taslim participated. Successful professional women leaders from various walks of life were invited to highlight and discuss the topic from various angles including women leadership in higher education, women leaders as change agents, position of women leadership in higher education and establishing entrepreneurship and role of academia. As a successful business women Masarrat Misbah was invited to highlight stress management techniques. She explained that humans have the tendency to want to control everything. Since there are…continue reading →

Article written by Radhika lyengar on Depilex Smileagain Foundation in Platform magazine

Acid Attack Survivors Text Radhika Iyengar Masarrat Misbah was attending to a client in her beauty salon in an elite part of Lahore, Pakistan when a woman, hiding behind her veil, stumbled in. There was a frantic energy in her body, a certain degree of pronounced nervousness. She asked whether she could speak to Masarrat in private and was led discreetly into another room. ‘When she lifted her veil, I had to sit down,’ Masarrat recounts. ‘In front of me was a woman with no face.’ The bridge of the woman’s nose had collapsed, one of…continue reading →

Sandra Peterman, ARD Radio Studio South Asia visited DSf for MM and Victims Interview.

Acid attacks on women are widely used in South Asia. And they are almost never punished. In Pakistan alone, around 150 incidents are recorded annually. A beauty salon is the contact point for the walk back to life for many victims. The noble beauty salon located in a posh suburb of the Pakistani metropolis of Lahore. It’s just lunch. The staff sits on the top floor together at lunch. The petite Aisha would like to belong. The 26-year-old is the first time today because: “I used to hide my face, but I do…continue reading →

In Pakistan the Spa where working women disfigured with acid DSF

How would our lives if returning home someone threw a bucket of acid on him and ran away, maybe a week before our wedding? What would we do if our future husband, along with his father and his brothers decided to sfigurarci with acid because we do not have an adequate dowry? In an instant his features erased (at best), marked for life for a crime that does not exist. WOMEN IN PAKISTAN disfigured In Pakistan, the drama of the victims of acid attacks is widespread even if it is treated as a…continue reading →

Psycho Social Workshop for Acid Burn Victims

Psycho social workshop was organized by Depilex Smileagain Foundation for the acid burn victims.  Consultant Ayesha Chundrigar, Certified Therapist/Counsellor from CPPD (Center for Personal and Professional Development) Counselling School, UK, was engaged to hold a daylong session in Karachi. 20 victims from Sind and Baluchistan were gathered to benefit from this exercise. Self process therapeutic exercises were planned to enhance positive body image and self confidence. The exercises were engaging, light-hearted and fun as well as deep, moving and powerful. The consultant held ‘get to know each other’ session with the participants. It…continue reading →

International Day of the Girl Child

On December 19, 2011, the United Nations General Assembly adopted Resolution 66/170 to declare 11 October as the International Day of the Girl Child, to recognize girls’ rights and the unique challenges girls face around the world. Consequently, an article has been added in the Constitution of Pakistan in the Fundamental Rights Chapter to ensure free and compulsory education to all children between the ages of five to sixteen years. All Pakistan Women’s Association (APWA) organized and event highlighting ‘The Right to education as a fundamental right  with special focus on the Girl Child’. The…continue reading →