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Building No 135, CCA Phase IV,DHA,
Lahore (Opposite to keyseria).Pakistan.
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Mission Statement

To help female survivors of acid and kerosene oil burns in Pakistan by providing them appropriate medical attention and reconstructive surgery.

About DSF

Depilex Smileagain Foundation is committed to providing the survivors not only with medical care and assistance but also a chance to become productive.

Chairperson’s Message

In our world full of smiles, color and joy, we rarely seem to realize how much pain, anguish and agony befalls all those poor unfortunates who become victims of such a brutal atrocity, at times robbing them off their essential right of life even!

It is not merely one life that such atrocities put at stake; it is a host of relations, and sometimes whole families, whose lives get disrupted, distorted and perpetually disfigured with the heinous act of acid or Kerosene oil throwing on one single but completely innocent and defenseless victim.

We at Depilex Smileagain Foundation, since the organization’s formal inception in 2003, have utterly devoted ourselves for this vital issue that challenges life’s very existence. By the grace of the Almighty, as have our resolve and efforts heightened so has the public awareness and support with regards this brutal atrocity. With the recent passing of a bill by the Parliament against the culprits of this crime, our hopes have found a new impetus.

Yes, the factual realities are too dismal, too dreary and indeed too depressing to even think of taking up the issue and going forward; but as I said earlier, we at DSF are utterly committed, devoted and dedicated to restore the lost lives this cruelty claims, and we have been so since we took the first step in this direction.

Today after almost a decade (and by the grace of God, many successfully restored lives) after, I see no other way but the way forward; and that is the direction we are all geared up to take; For life is too valuable to be just waived off, surrendering to unjust, cruel circumstances.

Life is a precious gift and it is the direct responsibility of each and every one of us to guard it, sustain it and let the stream of life flow on uninterrupted and happy as it is meant to be.

Heed the call of life, so that we can all bring back lost smiles again…..and again!

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